On April of 2003 was established the association under the name “Friends of Yakinthia events. Gaze across cultures of Sacred Mount of Ida“.

The association was founded to support the events, which started out in Anogeia and the area of St. Hyacinth, in 1998, and to implement the ideas and values that are described in detail in the statute of Association, wherein the central pillars are environmental awareness, the folklore recording tangible and intangible tradition and organizing events of cultural exchanges in cooperation with other institutions from Crete, Greece, the European Union and the Mediterranean countries.

Until today the club has played an important role in cultural enhancement of the region and is the organizer of Yakinthia events that are taking place, since 1998, in the last week of July.

Members of the Association Board are:

Dramountanis George, President

Vrentzou Aikaterini, Vice President

Smpokou Eleni, Secretary

Mpagkeri Maria, Treasurer

Koumantaki Iva, Member

Alternate Members

Dramountani Maria, Member

Ntagianta Tzoulia, Member


Members of the first Association Board were:

Dramountanis Nikos, President

Grammatikakis Manolis, Vice President

Vrentzou Katerina, Secretary

Aggelaki Marina, Treasurer

Dramountanis George, Member


Art Director of Yakinthia Festival is Loudovikos of Anogeia (George Dramountanis).