When is the Festival taking place?

Usually, is taking place at the end of July. The exact dates for 2017 will be announced.

Where is the theater?

The theater of Saint Hyacinth (Agios Yakinthos) is at an altitude of 1260 meters in the heart of Psiloritis mountain geopark. The road to Agios Yakinthos starts from Anogia, just at the entrance from the side of Heraklion. The distance from the village is 11km and 25 minutes, from Heraklion, 48km and 1 hour and 10 minutes and from Rethymnon 69km and 1 hour and 30 minutes. The route is uphill with many turns.

How can I come to the theater?

You can come by car to the parking lot, which is located 500 meters before the theater. Then, if you wish, you can walk or embark on one of the mini buses that will be available to take you to the theater entrance.

How much does the admission fee cost?

Admission fee is 5 euros per day, unless there is a special event. Prices will be announced along with the program.

At what time events begin?

Normally around 21.00. Exact hours will be announced along with the program.

Will I find something in the area to eat or drink?

Neither beer nor souvlaki or coffee. We respect nature. May be we 'll treat you some raki or tea.

Any advice?

Yes. Get a jacket!