Yakinthia 2003 – Rendering



Wednesday July 2 – Feast of St. Hyacinth

• Night Vigil at the church of St. Hyacinth

• Giorgos Xylouris (Psarogiorgis) and his music team (Niki Xylouris, Shilagh Hannan, Lambi Xylouris, John Rompogiannakis Stelios Petrakis) in the theater of St. Hyacinth (after midnight).

Thursday, July 3-Square St. George, Meidani

• Address by Mayor Nikos Xylouris

• The former mayor of Anogeia George Klados, made a flashback to “Musical Feasts” Anogeia 1979-1981

• Screening of the film “Anogeia 1979”. This is the recording of cultural August of Manos Hadjidakis by director Dimitris Vernikos

• Presentation of the project “Letter to father”, a production of the record company Lyra.

Friday, July 4

• Song interpretation seminar (a’ part) of the composer Stamatis Kraounakis and two members of his Spira (Costas Theodorou Victoria Tagouli) at the Cultural Center of Anogeia

• Symposium on “Interpretation” (first part) under the auspices of the University of Crete in the Conference Center of the National Youth Institution of Anogeia (11.00-14.00). Participated:

Kiki Dimoula Poet-Academician, Yannis Smaragdis Director, George Floridis Deputy Finance Minister, Stavros Theodorakis journalist, George Kokkinakis Psychiatrist, Philip Grapsas lyricist, Kostas Zouraris Professor. University, George Klados former mayor of Anogeia, Nikos Kopidakis Literatures. The symposium is coordinated by the University Rector Crete Christos Nikolaou and publisher Nikos Karatzas.

• Unveiling of the statue of Anogeia Woman, order from Yakinthia to the Italian sculptor Nicola Zamboni, involving the 50-member Band of Heraklion Municipality under the direction of maestro Mr. John Tzortzaki in the courtyard of the Health Center of Anogeia

• Concert of Evanthia Reboutsika and Panagiotis Kalontzopoulos, Elli Paspala and Giota Nega to the theater “Nikos Xylouris”.

Attended by 50-member Band of Heraklion Municipality

Saturday, June 5

• Song interpretation Seminar -b ‘part
• Symposium on “Interpretation” -b ‘part

• “Thin line for a voice and a piano.” George Andreou and Eleni Tsaligopoulou at the theater of St. Hyacinth

Sunday, July 6-Theatre “Nikos Xylouris”

• Music comic action by Stamatis Kraounakis, both members of the Speira and song interpretation seminar participants that preceded to 4 and July 5

• “The Art of Laughter” by local people who narrated true stories of others but mainly theirs.