Yakinthia 2011 – The feast of memories


In Feast of Memories visitors met with art and tradition, in an era that redefines our attitude towards the essential and beneficial.

The feast was dedicated to the favorite absents . For this reason, anyone could bring a photo of a beloved person that is gone. The photos were placed in Asfentamos tree of Hyacinth with small wooden pegs. The tree from this year will be called «Tree of Memories» .

As part of the Feast of Memories, Pontian dancers from Kilkis met with Cretan dancers in a battle of passion. Portuguese Fados in a meeting with Loudovikos of Anogia that, for the first time in fourteen years of events, played for the audience of Yakinthia.
Katerina Vrentzos, who was directed by Konstantina Palli, has highlighted the eternal question of passion woman in Medeia.
Every day for four days, shepherds were making cheese and women cooked, offering people the quality of art and taste, while Vassilis Saloustros offered mountain herbs drinks to the people
There were presented books, there were lectures and music concerts with Psarantonis, Evanthia Reboutsika, Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos and many more artists and musicians.