Yakinthia 2000 – Erotokritos

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"Yakinthia" 2000 was dedicated to the great Renaissance work of Vitsentzos Kornaros "Erotokritos".

Events began Friday, June 30 and ended Monday 3 July, the day which is celebrated St. Hyacinth, the patron saint of feelings and youth.

In detail the program of events was as follows:

On Friday the 30th, at 9.00 pm, in the square of Anogeia was presented "Karagiozis", in the work of Evgenios Spatharis "Charidimos", inspired by Erotokritos, narrated by actor Michael Aerakis on texts of Markitas Michalopoulou.

Then the Band of Florina brought at Anogeia the sound of Macedonia, with the brass of Floros Floridis and the other members of the band.
Around Midnight Serenaders of Anogeia, started from the square of the village (where it had been set up a feast with plenty of raki) and travelled to the streets of the village, followed the melodic line of Erotokritos with lyra and mandolins and with ally the night and anonymity. As many girls feel themselves "Aretusa" while sleeping felt the ancient song of Erotokritos. It's that song that made Aretousa to fall in love with him without knowing who is the singer.
Lyra, lute and mandolin played:
Nikiforos Aerakis, George Vrentzos, Giorgos Xylouris Kostas Kallergis, Vassilis Stavrakakis.
Gyalaftis, Karras, Katsoulos, Lampitsis, Mavromoustakos, Michalos, Pagouris, Pologiannios, Spalantzis and many others.

Saturday, on July 1st, in Anogeia Square, actor Michael Aerakis recited parts from Erotokritos accompanied by a Renaissance organ.

Then followed the central introductory speech by Mr. George Yatromanolakis, Professor of Athens University, on the subject of “Erotokritos”.

In the evening at 9.30 pm, at the theater Nikos Xilouris, took place a concert with the “Sinitheis Ypoptoi” and Emilia Ottaviano from Chetonia band. The concert program included new and older favorite songs of the band, as well as several songs from the Greek-speaking villages of southern Italy and traditional Portuguese fados.

On Sunday 2nd July at 9:00 in the morning, began the international conference on “Erotokritos” that was dedicated to distinguished university professor, archaeologist and philologist Stylianos Alexiou.

Chairman of the conference was George Grammatikakis (Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Crete), Alexis Politis (Dean Faculty of Philosophy, University of Crete) and speakers: Massimo Peri (Professor, University of Padova), George Giatromanolakis (University of Athens), Stelios Kaklamanis ( University of Crete Professor), George Karatzis (folk poet), Eratosthenes Kapsomenos (Ioannina University Professor), Nikos Koundouros (Director), Orestes Manousos (University of Crete Professor), Dimitris Maronitis (Emeritus Professor, University of Thessaloniki), Giannis Mavromatis (Ioannina University Professor) George Morar (Filologos- poet), Lina Nikolakopoulou (lyricist), Michalis Pieris (Professor, University of Cyprus) Vassilis Sabatakakis (Lecturer Swedish University in Lund), Lefteris Haronitis (Director) Litsa Chatzopoulou (Professor, University of Crete).

The evening took place evening prayer in the Church of St. Hyacinth.
The festivities continued in the evening in the theater of St. Yakinthos Psiloritis, in a place of particular natural beauty, on the ridge of Mount Ida, as Patriarch Bartholomeos said. Olia Lazaridou interpreted a theatrical monologue into text of Maro Vamvounaki entitled “Aretousa wants to dance.”

Followed by a concert where it was the first presentation of the project “Four routes to Erotokritos”. This is a project that simultaneously was released those days, with a CD of Lyra. Loudovikos of Anogeia, Nikos Xidakis, Psarantonis and George Koumendakis submitted each his own music view for Vitsentzos Kornaros project. Loudovikos of Anogeia chose to set to music the love of Erotokritos and Aretousa interpreting the songs himself with Lizeta Kalimeri. The orchestration and performance is from the band Omada Apodrasi with Tasos Misirlis on cello. The part of Nick Xidakis is a musical composition on the subject of the portraits of princes and kings from different places of Greece that fight for a wreath made by Aretousa.

Main voice in Nikos Xidakis composition is Alkinoos Ioannidis, in a dialogue with the composer. Psarantonis sets to music and tells the story of the Cretan Charidimos who accidentally kills his beloved woman. Sings himself and Niki Xylouris. George Koumendakis composes three short musical pieces for harpsichord, drawing his subjects from the flora and fauna of Crete items found in Erotokritos. The “Four routes to Erotokritos” was first performed live at Anogeia and involved all the coefficients of the album.

The evening ended with mantinades that was composed and sang by Aristides Heretis with mandolin accompaniment, always at the theater of St. Hyacinth.

Events of Yakinthia were completed on Monday 3 July. There was a morning prayer at the Church of St. Hyacinth.

At 8:30 pm, events ended at the theater of Nikos Xylouris with the theatrical team of kindergarten Rodomilia Heraklion, with the project “In the era of Erotokritos”. Sixty students – actors 5-6 years old, presented the work that was inspired by Erotokritos on an adaptation of Ms Olga Andreadaki. With accompaniment of Renaissance music and wearing era costumes, the way she taught them, together with teachers Spanaki Irene, Maria Ramountzaki and Sophia Liakakos.

This year for the first time Yakinthia approached their target, ordering original works of recognized value to artists. The show Karagiozis and the theatrical monologue of Maro Vamvounaki are works specially written for this year Yakinthia.